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The marketplace for foreign exchange is magnificent in its size, volume and efficiency all which are not seen in other markets. Forex provides immense prospects of profitability as well as the uncertainty of risk and to trade successfully requires an in depth knowledge of these and so much more.

It is our view that trader education is the single most determining factor to both market efficiency and transparency. Undoubtedly, the banks of the world dominate the market with volumes of informed traders providing the efficiency while comprehensive data and timely analytics govern their trading decisions. Education directly influences the advantage a trader may have against market participants worldwide.

The approach we take in educating traders is focused on the institutions, their actions and the informational disparity that is not typically observed by the retail trading sector. We provide training in market volumes, sentiment and correlations in FX. These are analytical methods used by the institutions of the world and we align traders with these methods. This level of education provides for significant advances on market transparency not available elsewhere. 

Forex Volume Analysis

Forex Sentiment Analysis

FX Correlation Study

Our FX Volume analytical model uses statistical analysis, price and volume correlations, daily FX distribution measures and studies of trader aggression. It’s a tremendously powerful dataset that provides immense transparency.

Market sentiment in foreign exchange or in developing forex trading strategies has likely been the most intentionally obscured analytical method in forex. We shed tremendous light upon transparency with market sentiment.

Astonishingly, FX correlations are one of the most insightful methods of FX market analysis there is. It allows those trading forex to see and understand why prices in one pair are continuing to move. 

One Student 5 Days of Instruction

The chart to the right is a real person, a real student with typical retail FX trader issues. After just five days of instruction, his confidence went from 0 to 85% Confident. His results went from not being able to gain any consistency to this. After just five days of instruction in our forex trading course. Our network of forex mentors on iTrade.Social will show you how to trade with powerful forex trading strategy,  while they giving you access to a professional forex trading platform.

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The Curriculum

The Course is a 15 Lesson Mastery Course with Live and Daily video access after 10/12/20.

  • Cleaning the Slate, The Business, The Risks
  • Trade in the Now – Without Lagging Analysis
  • Price Action, Bid Ask Bounce, Correlation of Studies
  • Market Sentiment – Up to the Second 
  • Market Volume, Daily Distribution & Statistics
  • The Charts vs. The Advantage of FT43 Charts
  • Strategy, Transparency & Honing for Profit
  • Money Management & Compound Interest

Trading Foreign Exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may lose more than your initial deposit and could be required to deposit additional funds. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take care to manage your exposure. The information on this site is educational in nature and is not a means of investment advice. By nature, this gearing or leverage can result in substantial losses or gains and may have an equally proportional effect on the cash balances of your trading account. Additional risks associated with internet based trading systems include software, hardware or internet connection routes. iTrade.Social is not responsible for communication or hardware failures.