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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an account ?
Register and confirm your registration from the home page.
What does iTrade.Social provide?
iTrade Social provides traders effective education and a spam free trading community within groups and 1:1 networking.
What else does iTrade Social provide?
You'll find complete courses and proprietary analytical models in addition to trading platforms meant to deliver transparency while keeping your methods private from your brokers view.
Does iTrade Social provide brokerage?
No. We deliver a learning environment with DEMO accounts and technologies to bridge your learning into analytical and technology solutions that advance your skillset.
Is there a free level of access here on iTrade.Social?
Yes! Our Launch Memberships are entirely free. You'll have access to chat room and open access courses as well as any special sessions that would typically be reserved for paying members. This is how we stand alone leading the industry to more transparency!
What Paid Levels of access does iTrade.Social offer?
Trader Access - parelells Trader Access on iForex.Market. For $25/Month you'll gain access to Live Trading Room Access and all Live and Recorded Course Access Sessions. In addition, with a $ 50 coupon to gain access to iForex.Markets proprietary leading models.
How do I get access to all courses and analytical models iFX offers?
iForex.Market offers proprietary market leading models with our value, sentiment and volume models. Gold Membership for $ 45 get's you access to all Courses, Live Trading Room Sessions and Live Course Sessions. You'll also gain a coupon for $ 95 to use iFX's Gold Level of access. This is a massive discount to it's regular pricing of $ 245!
What is xFlow?
xFlow is a powerhouse of dynamic analysis that incorporates value, sentiment and trends to determine impending direction while leading the values into the next candles. When we say it's 'Powerful' we mean- really powerful!
How does someone with Gold Subscription at iForex.Market get access to xFlow?
Anyone can use xFlow in our promotional/rollout phase with iTrade.Social, simply register Gold Membership at full price on iForex.Market. During the promitional phase of iTrade.Social those that have Gold level of membership on iForex.Market are being given a limited time access to xFlow.